When: December 27-29, 2023

Time: Drop-off is Dec. 27 between 3-4 pm / Pick-up is Dec. 29 @ 11:30 am

Who: All Middle & High School Students (Grades 6-12)


Spend the retreat connecting with God and old & new friends and have some laughs, crazy games, and competition along the way. Camp is fun. Whether it is summer or winter, fun remains our middle name! We will have fun in the cold, crazy competitions, all-camp games, connections with friends and staff, canteen, and so much more!

* sidenote: if the lake is frozen to DNR standards, we use our summer-time water slide as a toboggan run!*


What does it look like to listen for God and hear from Him? We will open our Bibles and look at people who listened and responded to God. Join us as we explore how to listen to God in our own lives.