Lake Waubesa Bible Camp

Smoking Allowed at Camp

Smoke can mean a lot of things-a warm campfire, a forest fire, a controlled burn, a tragic accident, and a number of other things.


Our new meat smoker!

Coals smolder and glow; wood pops and flickers. You can tell what kind of fire you’re approaching from the smoke. A barbeque in the summer can make everyone’s mouth water as they smell meats cooking. Add some more friendly smoke to the process and you’ll get meals that sing with notes of whatever fuel you’re burning. A fire always need fuel.


Just as smoke differs based on what you’re burning, our lives reflect where we find our provision. One of the names of God is Yahweh Yireh, the Lord will provide. It is often easy to affirm this, then go back and rely on our own power or that which we can physically see or hold. Here at camp we are consistently blown away at the things that God provides for us. From big things, like new full-time staff who are passionate about working here, to small things, like a meat smoker, it all comes from God. We’ve been dreaming about getting a meat smoker since realizing that it could benefit a number of events that we are going to be hosting in the future. It was a dream that was fairly quickly realized. Now it will be possible not only to smell campfires at LWBC but also the full delicious scent of smoking meats. Perhaps this can become a small reminder for us here that not only does God provide for our physical needs but also provide for the most profound spiritual need that any of us have. In all things God is present with us.

Here at camp there are a lot of needs as we prepare for the summer. As a full time staff, we need God to continue to bind us together and prepare us emotionally, physically and spiritually for what is both a fulfilling and exhausting season. The summer staff still needs to be filled out, particularly with female counselors. It would be very beneficial for us to have some high school staff boys join the team. We need God to prepare the hearts of everyone who will be involved to grow closer to Him. There is always a spiritual battle happening at camp, but it becomes more evident over the summer and we need God to provide us with the strength and grace to continue in His work. We also need His protection during this time. There are likely many things that we don’t even know will be needed this summer and we trust that God will provide for us.

We are constantly overwhelmed by the way that God provides for us. It is both amusing and astounding that God provides not only our needs but also things that, while useful, are just things that we want. God is good, all the time. It is no mistake that He is likened to a father who gives good gifts. The way He provides for us is beautiful. As we look at the things that we need and have yet to prepare for summer, it is the best solace to know that we are in His care.


Written by Crystal Smith

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