What is S.A.L.T.?

Supper And Life Together is a school year program for high school students. Our goal is to share life together by providing a positive environment in which students can build community, enjoy fellowship, and have fun. Everyone in high school is welcome. We will meet once a week, Sundays from 5-7:30 pm. Come join us for dinner, games, time in the Word, and an all-in-all good time.

The Life of a Jesus Follower

Does Christianity ever seem like a burden to you? Following Jesus is not just about obedience. It’s all about relationships! It is a daily, intimate relationship with the Father overflowing into fellowship with other believers. And that moves us to cultivate relationships with others who don’t know Jesus and share Christ with them. This Bible study will help you rise above the exhausting and burdensome rules of religion and return to the simplicity and purity of following Christ.