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With One Voice Glorify God


Campers run to-and-fro, games are played, the canteen opens, and the sugar rush seems to never end. God is present in this place during the laughter and shouts of play and throughout energetic chapel times. It is incredible to see the way that God has been working this summer. I often wonder at the grace of God to allow me to work at such a place as this. There have been campers and summer staff alike that I’ve been able to see open up and come to understand more of who God is. One of the things that I love the most about camp is how relational it is. There was a week that a cabin called themselves the duckies and would walk around joyfully quacking together. I’ve seen counselors taking the time to sit down and talk individually with campers. The joy on their faces at being so intentionally looked after is beautiful. I am so proud of our staff this year and how well they show the campers and each other the love of God.

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
-Romans 15:5-6

That verse has truly been in action this summer. Amidst the long hours of camp, I have seen God embrace everyone here and lend endurance and encouragement. He has poured so much into everyone that is serving here. It is obvious in the way that they glorify God with their treatment of our campers. There has been an abundance of joy in the Lord this summer. During swim time, the laughter is nonstop. When we play games, the competition is fierce but everyone will stop to help if someone trips. At chapel, the truth of who God is and His love shines in the messages and His word is passionately presented. Camp can be exhausting; but it is absolutely worth sore muscles and lost sleep. As we reach the midway point of our summer I pray that God will continue to amaze us each day and keep the intensity of our schedule from dissuading us from giving our all.

jacob and camper

Being intentional with campers

Please, be in prayer for our staff: that God would continue to grant us the endurance and encouragement we need to serve and glorify Him in one mind and one voice. Ask that He would continue to prepare the hearts and minds of everyone who will be spending time here during our camping season. We want nothing more than to see people take steps closer to God during or following their time here. Thank you for your support of this place and our ministry. Your prayers are vital to our mission. Please, be encouraged to know that God is at work here each and every day.

-Crystal Smith

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