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Q&A with our new camp staff, Jesse and Jo Barriga

Q: What were you doing before you came to camp?IMG_5205

Jesse: Well…before camp we lived in Connecticut and I worked in the public school as a paraprofessional, where I got to work with kids with behavioral issues.  I also led worship at our church and ran a photo booth.

Jo: I was a nanny and helped with the children’s ministry at our church.

Q: What is your favorite thing from the canteen?

Jesse: It’s a tie between cold Reese’s peanut butter cups straight from the fridge and sour punch straws.

Jo: I’m not a big fan of candy, so I am going to have to go with the sea salt and vinegar chips.

Q: If money were no issue, what would love to see at camp?

Jo: Yurts! A whole village of them! Wait! No…a hammock village. You know what? I dream big, I want both!

Jesse: Underground tunnels to get around when it’s snowy…it would be awesome.

Q: What is your favorite camp song?

 Jo: Nothing tops the Hippo song!

Jesse: (Interrupts in a loud singing voice) “And the ducks go by, Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!”

Q: You both worked here when you were in college and then spoke here the last several summers.  What is your favorite camp memory?

Jesse: My first year as summer staff at LWBC I led worship night. Leading worship night…yeah it was awesome!

Jo: I don’t know if I can pick just one, but the friendships I have made here will have a lasting impact on me.

Q: Will there be more baby Barrigas joining us at camp?

Jesse: Right now we have man to man coverage with the two of them and so if we were to throw another in the mix we would be outnumbered, and I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

Jo: What he said! Lord willing…

Q: What are you currently studying in the Bible?

Jo: Ecclesiastes until I get depressed about the world being meaningless, then I’ve been jumping to Luke for the joy of Jesus.

Jesse: I just finished reading through the entire Bible for the first time and now I’m going back through the Pauline epistles. I’m loving the book of Romans right now.

Q: What is your favorite camp meal?

Jo: Any time there are cheesy potatoes.

Jesse: There is no greater meal than that of the chicken patty sandwich – so good!

Q: What else could LWBC stand for?

Jesse: Let wet babies cry

Jo: What? No! Lemons would be cold

Q: What do you do in the off season when there is no summer camp?

Jesse: We host retreats groups.  We feed them and make their stay awesome.  We also get ready for summer camp.

Jo: We also design different things for summer and visit churches and other places to promote camp.

Jesse: Oh yeah…that too.


Dream with Us


We live our lives in three time zones—past, present and future. Each day we work to reconcile those three. Our present is made up of statements—the retreat group needs feeding, the emails need answering, the buildings need cleaning—those things without which camp wouldn’t function. These pressing needs are driven by the past. The past brings us questions. How can we serve this church better than the last time they were here? What would make our staff training more beneficial based on last summer’s program? What buildings need to be cleaned based on last weekend’s retreat?

Perhaps my favorite time zone is the future. The future is made up of “what ifs,” of sentences without endings, of questions without answers. It is a place where all things are possible, where all dreams could come true, where camp could change in ways we’ve never imagined. So in the midst of answering yesterday’s questions and fulfilling today’s statements, we get to dream together as a staff and as a camp community.

Some dreams are so close we can taste them and some dreams are decades down the road, if they ever come to fruition. But camp thrives on dreams. It is through yesterday’s dreams that we reach the families we do today. And it is today’s dreams that will pave the way to continued life change tomorrow. We have something better than dreams, though. We have a God that delights in our dreams and enables us to fulfill some dreams we have and some dreams we have never even considered.

Ephesians 3 2021

Recently, our camp family grew. We have had the pleasure of hiring Jesse and Jo Barriga and their two beautiful children as our marketing and guest services directors. This growth gives us new insight into our past, new hands for our present, and above all new imaginations to dream for the future. Together, we have spent these last two months praying, dreaming, and planning. We want to share some of those dreams with you because camp is more than just the full-time staff. It is more than the summer staff and even more than the campers. It is a whole community of staff, of campers, of churches, of families, of prayer warriors, without whom we could not continue to serve God and this community.

We ask you to join with us as we dream. We want our excitement for the future to overflow to you and your families. We want to hear your ideas for what camp could look like in a year, in ten years, in fifty years.  We want to pray together for camp’s future, whatever that may look like—that it would be a future honoring to our Savior and one that allows us to continue to create opportunities for life change through the love of Christ.

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