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And the game begins. Campers and staff shuffle around the walled-in court, keeping one eye on the ball and one eye on… well, everything else. Some rush to the middle to stay in the thick of the battle. Many push their friends in front of them to serve as human shields. A few huddle in the shallow corners, hoping those in the center of the arena will battle it out before noticing the stragglers hidden on the fringes. The brave ones rush to the ball and hit it with their hands toward their opponents. The quick ones jump and dodge to avoid all contact. One by one, as the players are hit, they hop out of the court and choose a player to cheer on to victory. Eventually, someone is the last one standing. This is wa-wa ball.


This new summer activity has been a hit with campers and staff alike. The game is relatively simple—it’s a lot like dodgeball in a tiny arena. There is one ball and as many players as can fit in the court. You may hit the ball with an open hand, but if it hits anywhere else on your body, you’re out of the game. Due to some recurring finger scrapes from the wall and ground, the camp store is now selling professional wa-wa gloves that come individually or in a pair, so you can purchase based on your playing style. (The gloves look mysteriously like gardening gloves…) We hold an all-camp tournament every Friday to test the skills the campers have been practicing throughout the week.


The court has undergone some pretty drastic wear and tear since summer camp started. Week one it was still grass, beginning to turn brown from the soles of so many shoes. Week two it became a muddy wading pool, deeper with every storm. Now it is mostly compact dirt. Grass will never grow there again, but that’s okay. For years to come, the grassless octagon by the Canteen will serve as a reminder of victory, defeat, and hours of franticly scurrying away from a rubber ball.


That’s wa-wa for you.


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