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high school week…camp to the mostest.


DSC_0445 - CopySix months ago, when we started planning this new phenomenon called High School Camp, we knew we wanted to make it significantly different than the other weeks of camp we provide… but how? Camp is already a getaway, a pause from normal life to rest in God’s creation and fellowship with His people day in and day out. And with our limited space nestled between marsh, lake, and neighborhoods, how could we possibly expand what we offer? The answer to that question took us across the lake to a place called Lake Farm Park.

Last week, we had the chance of a lifetime (or maybe just the chance of a Wednesday) to leave our ten acres behind and do some real camping. If you can call having toilets real camping. In our defense, they were pit toilets, so that definitely gets us closer. On a sunny and slightly windy afternoon, we piled 65 campers and staff into a speedboat, a pontoon boat, canoes, kayaks, and even a rowboat with mismatched oars and caravanned across Lake Waubesa. The trek proved successful when, nearly two hours after the first boat launched, the last boat made its way to the shore of Lake Farm and we got our program started.

The nearly-24-hours was packed with a solitude retreat, cooking over a fire, games, evening chapel, some lively campfire games and discussions, setting up tents, portaging boats, a sunrise over the lake, lots of mosquitoes, and a little bit of sleep. What was the purpose of getting away from the getaway? God can do tremendous things in individuals and groups when they undertake a challenge together. It is one thing to leave everyday life and come to camp where you meet other friends who are doing the same thing in the same place. It is another thing to undertake the whole event, from packing to paddling to playing, as a part of a team. That evening, what a joy it was to see the entire camp sit around a single campfire, laughing and singing and enjoying God’s beautiful creation of nature and people. It was a reminder of the fellowship we should seek every day of our lives, not just on the special ones. Praise God for a fun, safe, relationship-building journey!

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